Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NaPoWriMo - April 3 - Epithalamium

Day 3: Epithalamium

Today's theme is a type of poem called an epithalamium. It is my understanding that it was used in the middle ages and such quite regularly and is intended to be a tribute to the married couple, though it was occasionally just addressed to the bride.  Once upon a time it used to be recited through the door to the newly married couple after they retired to the bedroom. Modern ones are usually just read at weddings, and are not very common at all anymore.

I feel like there is more opportunity in modern society to creepily hang out and have poetry recitations in the hallway while a newly married couple attempts to celebrate their special night, but maybe that's just me...

This day will end.
The ribbons untied,
and tangled lace
heaped on the floor.

This day will end.
A coat cast aside,
and a black tie
on the nightstand.

This day will end.
Paired left hands adorned
in cool, new gold
and intertwined.

This day will end.
Whispered promises
and hopeful dreams
in hushed voices.

This day will end,
but this one moment,
this memory,
is yours to keep.