Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have some pretty serious talents. I can craft a pithy one liner to send the masses of my Facebook audience into modest chuckles. I can fold a napkin into a fan in almost no time. I can fall asleep and miss my bus stop even when I am not tired. I can draw cartoon spiders in MSPaint that would make you gasp audibly.

I know you are jealous.

Unfortunately the assortment of talents my fairy godperson saw fit to bestow upon me don't include much useful stuff. I can't fold a fitted sheet. I can't motivate myself to do laundry until I get down to my less-pretty undies. I can't draw a realistic human face. I can't finish long term tasks (poetry month for example) without some pretty serious motivation.

This is my first non-poetry entry on this blog, and hopefully not the last... Though the list of things I have finished lately includes a chicken sandwich, a phone call, a case of beer, and not much else. Wouldn't hold your breath.